Greenleaf and partners present at CleanMed 2017 on Microgrids

John Andersen and Liz Hypes attended CleanMed 2017, a premier conference on environmental sustainability in the healthcare sector, in Minneapolis May 16th-18th with Greenleaf energy service partners, Intelligent Generation, GreenCity Power, G&W Electric, and Grumman/Butkus Associates. John Andersen moderated alongside Bob Biggio from Boston Medical Center, a leader in sustainable healthcare efforts, with our team speaking on integrated microgrids systems. The medical sector is increasingly focused on resiliency due to grid outage concerns that may be exasperated due to the growing impact of climate change. Our presentation addresses the energy side of resiliency by engaging in a discussion on the use of comprehensive Microgrid systems as resilient and efficient energy solutions for the healthcare sector. We believe Microgrids that compliment regional grid infrastructures are the future of energy resiliency. Microgrid solutions are in high demand by the healthcare sector and others such as the military, university and C&I customers who value clean, economic, and resilient energy solutions. Please see our Energy Providers Overview and please contact us if you are interested in learning more about microgrids and sustainable energy...

Bringing Energy Security and Financial Benefit to Health Care through Cogeneration: Aaron Walters of GreenCity Power presents at CleanMed 2016

GreenCity Power (a service partner of Greenleaf Advisors) delivers economic and efficient electricity, cooling, and heating services through natural gas fired cogeneration systems. These systems also enhance energy security – increasingly important to hospital networks seeking to build resiliency into their operations. The company’s Managing Partner, Aaron Walters, spoke last month at CleanMed 2016, organized by Practice GreenHealth and Health Care without Harm to spread best sustainable practices across the sector.