BV/annual reviewMaintaining the quality, reliability, and security of our water resources will be one of the defining challenges of this century. Because it is depended upon so completely for food, health, power generation, and economic development, water is in many ways a more critical and less substitutable resource than any other. Greenleaf Advisors has deep experience with water resource management projects for both environmental and social well-being. Our work with the full spectrum of stakeholders, scientists, and policymakers helps to ensure that water resources will meet the needs of a growing world and the challenges of a changing climate.

Our staff and service partners have extensive experience managing and coordinating projects including:

    • Supply and demand planning
    • Water resource management
    • Invasive species control
    • Stormwater management

Our work:

Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters Initiative

Soil and water research and policy leaders, headed by The Ohio State University with support from Greenleaf Advisors, LLC, and the University of Arkansas launched a workshop and symposium series dedicated to the development of multidisciplinary and whole system management practices for the agricultural lands that impact our nation’s waters. A collaborative multi-year effort, the series has been organized around the development of data-driven, region-specific case studies highlighting Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce nutrient exports to water resources.

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Regional Water Supply Planning

Greenleaf assisted the Illinois DNR with jumpstarting its stalled region water supply planning process. We conducted extensive research into the funding models employed by other states to support their regional planning programs and supplied recommendations for the unique legal and political context of the state of Illinois. We also identified and coordinated organizing agencies in water planning regions that had not yet begun the planning process.

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Envisioning the Chicago Area Waterway for the 21st Century

Greenleaf Advisors led the outreach and hydrologic analysis to provide effective solutions to the problems caused by invasive species. The wide variety of knowledge provided resulted in a multidisciplinary approach, accommodating both ecological and economic needs.

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Sustainable Stormwater Management

Greenleaf Advisors sees managing water resources as a national priority.  Along with our partners, we were selected by the Great Lakes Protection Fund because of our expertise in sustainable stormwater management models and market mechanisms.

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