Dr. Warren Dick presents on gypsum webinars

The webinar, “Building Profitability and Protecting Water Quality through Gypsum”, was hosted by the Partnership for Ag Resource Management on December 15, 2015. Dr. Warren Dick, professor of soil and environmental science at The Ohio State University, presented on the current state of the science on the effectiveness and applicability of gypsum as a soil amendment. Cory Schurman, National Sales Manager from Gypsoil, discussed the value gypsum offers to growers through improved productivity and sustainability.

Research results in Indiana show gypsum reduces soluble reactive phosphorus on agricultural lands

Excess nutrients run off fields into waterways where they contribute to toxic algal blooms that threaten public health, as well as eutrophication that harms aquatic life. One best practice that improves soil conditions is the use of calcium sulfate (gypsum) as a soil amendment; it improves nutrient uptake by the plants and reduces loss from the fields into the waterways.