Client News: Intelligent Generation announces megawatt contact with WCP Solar

Greenleaf Advisors continues to work with client, Intelligent Generation in the marketplace. IG has recently announced a megawatt contract with WCP Solar for Solberg Manufacturing. Please read the summary below and visit IG’s website for more information. To learn more about economically and profitably managing a solar storage asset on your facility, please contact John Andersen at

IG announces megawatt contract with WCP Solar for Solberg Manufacturing

IG signed a contract with Illinois-based solar developer WCP-Solar to manage an industrial size battery of 1 MW to be installed at the site of Solberg Mfg in Itasca, IL. The battery is integrated by IHI Storage and will be paired with a 600 kW solar system. The system will be complete in 2Q2017 and will start generating recurring revenues from PJM soon thereafter.

WCP-Solar is a new customer for IG. This significant contract illustrates the industry’s growing acceptance of energy storage with IG’s management software to make solar projects more profitable. Read more on IG’s contract with WCP Solar.

North Central College Project

An update on this solar and 250 kW battery storage project in Naperville, IL. Convergence-Energy has completed the solar installation and the battery has been crane-lifted to the corner of the building (picture right), installed and connected.

Power services to the building, Market participation and revenue generation will start in March.


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