Greenleaf 2014 Year-End Summary

Friends and Partners of Greenleaf Advisors,

One climbs a mountain one step at a time… best when roped in with a team of capable fellow climbers. One runs a river one stretch at a time… best when informed by knowledge of the river’s flow history and current conditions.

And so goes the sustainability business – enterprises develop by creating sustainable solutions to resource needs… one step at a time… with partners… informed by expert knowledge… and applied practically to today’s opportunities with a vision toward the future.

Below is a snapshot of 2014 as we turn toward 2015, designated to be the International Year of Soils by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO).


John A. Andersen, Jr.
President, Greenleaf Advisors

Greenleaf applauds its clients’ and partners’ contributions to sustainable solutions in 2014:

A new national best practice for gypsum use as an agricultural soil amendment is being developed by the USDA for release early in 2015. Contributing to this document are a diverse number of interested parties including expert input from Greenleaf’s client GYPSOIL, board member Dr. Darrell Norton, and partner Dr. Warren Dick.

Phosphorus pollution loading to waterways is reduced by as much as 70% from farms using gypsum as a soil amendment – research led by The Ohio State University, NesterAg, and GYPSOIL, coordinated by Greenleaf and funded by our client EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute). Learn more

Intelligent Generation develops its network of distributed energy systems with project launches at S&C Electric and Continental Electric headquarters in Illinois; plus project pursuits with C&I and municipal customers throughout the 12-state PJM territory. Greenleaf engages the real estate and capital markets on behalf of Intelligent Generation. Learn more

GreenCity Power re-commissions NYC’s largest co-generation system at One Penn Plaza for Vornado, and secures capital to deliver energy projects, with Greenleaf’s representation, to several of New York’s largest landlords. Learn more

Indiana University and Greenleaf demonstrate pollutant reduction from agricultural systems flowing into one of Indianapolis’s drinking water reservoirs, Eagle Creek, in research sponsored by Indianapolis Power & Light. Learn more

The largest freshwater archipelago on the planet welcomes Caribou Island into protection thanks to a Greenleaf facilitated transaction between The Nature Conservancy of Canada and Wolfwood Enterprises, which has been underway for nearly a decade as part of an ongoing conservation strategy. Learn more

EP Purification wins Clean Energy Trust’s top award with Greenleaf guidance, advancing its micro-plasma ozone technology that has potential to make water treatment safe and affordable across multiple sectors. Learn more

Healthy Soil for Healthy Water conference brings together 100 experts from the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds for integrated whole systems approaches to agricultural land management – led by OSU and Greenleaf. Learn more

Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc., completes a project funded by the Great Lakes Protection Fund that seeks to introduce market-based financing mechanisms to green infrastructure projects; Greenleaf advises on distributed network solutions drawing upon our expertise from the energy sector.

DePaul University and Greenleaf’s 4th Annual Sustainable Business Conference showcases innovation by a dozen businesses, the Cradle to Cradle Institute, & Generation Investment LLC of London. Learn more

By bridging expertise and resources from the business, science, policy, and capital communities, Greenleaf advances a healthy and sustainable world.

Please join us in celebrating our clients’ and partners’ accomplishments and contributions in 2014. And please call upon us if we can be helpful in 2015.

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