Work on Public-Private Partnerships Initiative in the Great Lakes to address green stormwater infrastructure

Greenleaf Advisors is assisting Environmental Consulting and Technology (ECT) in evaluating market-based approaches to green infrastructure and to review reports including “Assessing the Market Size for Large-Scale Green Infrastructure in the Great Lakes Basin.”

The P3Great Lakes website was recently launched and describes ongoing work on public-private partnerships (P3), news, resources, and conference updates with its key focus in the Great Lakes basin. An associated twitter handle is

Green Infrastructure: Rainwater Harvesting

The P3GreatLakes Initiative, led by ECT and funded by the Great Lakes Protection Fund, addresses the investment gap between federal funding for infrastructure and actual infrastructure needs in the Great Lakes basin by evaluating and developing:

  1. Alternative delivery options, such as Community-based Public-Private Partnerships (CBP3) and stormwater credit trading, that seek out more efficient, cheaper delivery set-ups;
  2. Alternative finance options, such as Environmental Impact Bonds (EIB), that help meet capital needs upfront, achieve pay-for-performance related savings, and pay for underfunded public services and infrastructure
  3. Decentralized stormwater management systems called Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) that when properly designed and placed, are cost-effective ways of managing stormwater, improving water quality, and providing aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Read more about the stormwater management project here.

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