Greenleaf presents “Aggregation of Distributed Water Storage Solutions”

Greenleaf presented at the workshop on “Market-based Approaches to Green Infrastructure.” The workshop was funded by the Great Lakes Protection Fund, Environmental Consulting and Technology and a team of consultants, including Greenleaf Advisors. The goal of the workshop is to develop/ascertain a strategic pathway to identify stormwater management opportunities, and to aggregate those opportunities in a manner that can allow management as a singular integrated system to capture/manage substantial water volumes.

Greenleaf Advisors has been engaged with Intelligent Generation (IG) in developing the aggregation of distributed energy solutions and delivering those solutions into the wholesale power markets. While the development of networked energy solutions is still in its infancy, the participants and industry structure and infrastructure are rapidly advancing and there may be useful lessons for the water sector.

The aggregation of distributed energy solutions requires a service delivery platform of intelligent software analytics (e.g. IG), financing, association with a willing network of industry participants (e.g. developers, engineering installers, hardware providers), and willing regional utility participants supported by appropriate authorities.

For more information, please see our work on Sustainable Stormwater Management.

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