Greenleaf Summer 2014 updates

Friends and Partners of Greenleaf Advisors,

Greenleaf and its clients are on the move advancing sustainable solutions to energy, water, land, and material reuse.  Here are a few updates as well as upcoming events you may wish to join.  Interesting and promising times … stay tuned for more announcements to come via our website over the next few months.

Intelligent Generation Expanding, Launches New Website

IGIntelligent Generation delivers software that brings intelligence to a network of energy storage assets (e.g., solar PV, EV fleets, grid). Projects are under development or in the planning stage in eight states from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. Follow IG at and its founder Jay Marhoefer as he addresses leaders on distributed energy systems at the Verge Tech & Sustainability Conference this fall. Greenleaf bridges IG to both capital markets and real estate markets.

BRM & Gypsoil Expanding its Influence in Agriculture

gypsoilBeneficial Reuse Management expands to 24 states with its Gypsoil brand, and this week brought its Fourth Annual Soil Improvement Symposium to Kansas. The state’s Director of Water and Secretary of Agriculture took the podium together to address the importance of agricultural practices for water security and the state’s economic future.

New Research Identifies Gypsum to Mitigate Phosphorus

The Ohio State University releases research results in the Maumee Basin with promising findings on how the agricultural use of gypsum reduces pollutant runoff and serves as an effective tool against toxic algal blooms that have captured the nation’s attention with the shut down of Toledo’s drinking water. Greenleaf is supporting this important research by providing project coordination, outreach and communications.  Read more here.

phosphorus_graphThe Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters Workshop in September will present these findings and bring together leading agricultural researchers, policy makers, and business interests from across the Great Lakes and Mississippi watersheds in collaboration with the federal government’s Hypoxia Task Force. Greenleaf is helping to organize this workshop and contribute its expertise on phosphorus management.

You’re Invited to the Fourth Annual Sustainable Business Conference

sust_bus_confDePaul University’s Fourth Annual Sustainable Business Conference will focus on the intersection of innovation can improve the bottom line, while creating benefits for people and the planet. Business leaders will address innovation in product development and production processes, as well as energy and recycling. Greenleaf is once again a co-sponsor and coordinator of this event.

Caribou Island Granted Protection

Cliffs along the coastline of Caribou Island, Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada.Nature Conservancy of Canada gets ready to add part of Caribou Island to the country’s conservation reserves. On the northern coastline of Lake Superior, Caribou Island is part of the planet’s largest freshwater archipelago and will soon be put into permanent stewardship, alongside other islands that Greenleaf and its partners have been working to protect for over a decade. This island is one more gem in a string of precious pearls that will maintain its biodiversity for years to come.  Greenleaf advised the landowner and NCC on this transaction.

Greenleaf Position Posting – Business Development and Transaction Services

As Greenleaf continues to expand and serve a greater range of clients and services, so must its staff. We’re currently seeking to fill a new role, the Vice President – Business Development and Transaction Services, which will be responsible for business development and execution of market transactions on behalf of the firm’s clients. Read the full description here, and please share.

It is a privilege for us at Greenleaf to work with so many talented and resourceful partners and clients who are committed to advancing a healthy and sustainable world. My very best to you for an enjoyable and productive summer.



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