Greenleaf Team visits agricultural sites

Bryan Field Site

Kevin King of the USDA-ARS describes the water sampling equipment in Bryan, Ohio.

This Monday, John Andersen and Katie DeMuro traveled to Bryan, Ohio to visit the Ohio gypsum project team including NesterAg, The Ohio State University, GYPSOIL and the USDA ARS. The team had a productive meeting to discuss the meaningful results of Phase I and to discuss development of the next phase including continuous flow monitoring to measure reductions of nutrient runoff with gypsum application. Phase I results showed reductions of 54% in soluble reactive phosphorus in tile water runoff from gypsum fields compared to non-treated fields. A final report of the project is being compiled for funders of the project.

In September, John and Katie met with Greg Olson of the Sand County Foundation near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to visit their water quality sampling sites for the University of Wisconsin-Madison gypsum research project.




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