Intelligent Generation founder presents to EDF’s Climate Corps Energy Management Webinar Series

On July 9th, Jay Marhoefer, President and Founder of Intelligent Generation (IG) presented a talk on “Developing the Operating System for the Networked Clean Energy Grid” to the EDF Climate Corps Energy Management Webinar Series. The EDF Climate Corps is a fellowship program, which this summer placed more than one hundred graduate students into energy management positions across the country.

Jay framed the discussion across three dimensions: 1) asset class (e.g. solar + storage, Electric Vehicles); 2) markets (e.g. grid operators, utilities, de-regulated vs. regulated); and 3) applications (e.g. wholesale power market services, backup power). He explained how the growth in renewable energy will drive increased demand for energy storage services, and how developments in battery and electric vehicle markets, as well as the evolution of regulatory frameworks across the country, will meet those demands.

You can view the slide presentation here to gain a sketch of the trends that are driving the development of this industry, as well as how IG is responding with business services.

Intelligent Generation is a leader in provisioning energy storage services through its software and network operating platform.  You can learn more at the IG website. Please contact John Andersen at Greenleaf Advisors ( to explore how your enterprise might improve its energy economics and security from IG services.

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