Intelligent Generation profiled in Energy Storage and Electricity Markets Report

Energy Storage and Electricity Markets

Energy Storage and Electricity Markets Report from Resilient Power profiles IG

Intelligent Generation (IG), will lead a Clean Energy Group webinar on August 27, covering Electricity Markets and the Economics of Energy Storage – view the recording here.

IG and its partnership with S&C Electric were recently profiled in this report on Energy Storage and Electricity Markets by Resilient Power, a Project of Clean Energy Group. The report explores the value of storage to the power system and the importance of electricity markets in energy storage economics.

IG’s innovative software service enables it to manage a network of energy storage assets (in association with PV solar, electric vehicles, or stand-alone), providing multiple services including lucrative frequency regulation that stabilizes the grid through rapid response to signals for power from the grid operators.  The partnership between S&C and IG includes the system located at S&C’s Smart Grid Solutions Demonstration Center in Chicago.  It is becoming a regular stop on the tour of those seeking to learn about the future of energy storage and its contributions to a more intelligent energy grid.

Greenleaf Advisors connects IG to building owners and electric fleet operators who seek energy efficiency, security and improved economics through the intelligent management of energy storage systems. Please contact John Andersen ( if you have interests in this area.

To learn more about IG, please visit their website.



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