Phase II Kickoff of Great Lakes Protection Fund Green Infrastructure Project

The goal of this project, funded by the Great Lakes Protection Fund and led by Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc., is to reestablish more natural flows and improve water quality and function for Great Lakes tributaries by developing methods to access new capital for sustainable stormwater solutions. In Phase I, The team explored how to place and manage distributed storm water solutions to provide maximum value for the local utility and local water resources, and they created a prototype, first-of-its-kind business model framework to manage such a system that would attract capital providers and expand the pool of financing for wet weather solutions.

Phase II of the Private Financing of Green Infrastructure project kicked off today with Greenleaf Advisors supporting an Environmental Technology Consultants led team of experts to advance private market initiatives that promote green infrastructure and the ecosystem services they provide.

In last year’s final Phase I report, Greenleaf reported on the lessons to be learned from the energy sector’s emerging network of distributed solutions (GLPF Green Infrastructure) –  this article was one of the most visited section of this Phase I report.

Read more about our work on Sustainable Stormwater here.

View the project sheet here.

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