Green Infrastructure in the Great Lakes Basin

Greenleaf Advisors’ President, John Andersen, was pleased to review for publication Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc’s latest report Assessing the Market Size for Large-Scale Green Infrastructure in the Great Lakes Basin. The report, funded by the Great Lakes Protection fund, evaluates “enabling private financing or private delivery to expand the use of green infrastructure in the Great Lakes basin.”

Environmental Defense Fund and the Future Energy Jobs Bill

Greenleaf advances solar energy through our work with clients such as Intelligent Generation, and environmental partners such as Environmental Defense Fund. Dick Munson is Director of Midwest Clean Energy for EDF and also a Greenleaf board member. He recently wrote this blog on the U.S. states that have supported renewable energy and late last year Dick helped to advance a Future Energy Jobs Bill in Illinois which is stimulating much clean energy, business interest in the...

Green Bond Market and REITs

Greenleaf Associate, Liz Hypes, synthesized information gathered on green bond issuance and REITs for a commentary by S&P Global Ratings – Credit Research. First developed in 2007 by the World Bank and European Development Bank, a green bond is like a conventional bond except the debt financing issued must be used to finance or re-finance new or existing “green” activities or projects.

Intelligent Generation presents on Environmental Defense Fund Webinar

Jay Marhoefer, CEO and co-founder of Intelligent Generation (a service partner of Greenleaf Advisors) presented on the Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps’ 3E Webinar series on June 30. The Webinar, entitled “Making Buildings Smarter with Intelligent Energy Technologies”, highlighted the work of IG in their pursuit of commercializing an intelligent operating system for distributing solar energy to the grid. Read more about Jay’s presentation here. View the webinar recording...

Bringing Energy Security and Financial Benefit to Health Care through Cogeneration: Aaron Walters of GreenCity Power presents at CleanMed 2016

GreenCity Power (a service partner of Greenleaf Advisors) delivers economic and efficient electricity, cooling, and heating services through natural gas fired cogeneration systems. These systems also enhance energy security – increasingly important to hospital networks seeking to build resiliency into their operations. The company’s Managing Partner, Aaron Walters, spoke last month at CleanMed 2016, organized by Practice GreenHealth and Health Care without Harm to spread best sustainable practices across the sector.