Solar Carport Valuation

coverJones Lang LaSalle hired Greenleaf Advisors to enhance the competitiveness of an investor’s bid pricing through evaluating the return on adding solar electricity generation to  solar carport installations at airport parking facilities nationwide.

Greenleaf Advisors was uniquely positioned to fill this role given its ability to tap into a strong network of leading solar installers and technicians, plus understanding of both the technology and business propositions needed for a successful bid.

Greenleaf Advisors evaluated 13 locations through a physical lens, using tools to evaluate potential solar incidence, character and orientation of parking spaces, degree of shading and other land use concerns. We then viewed each location through a financial lens, using a custom tool that considered the federal, state and local incentives and the cost of installation to develop a custom net present value and internal rate of return for each location.

Greenleaf Advisors prepared a comprehensive report that informed the bid package and identified several new strategies related to European growth and emerging technologies that would greatly enhance the potential value of solar generation at airport parking lots. Further, Greenleaf Advisors conducted research on the influence solar generation would have on the growing market for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Jones Lang LaSalle has invited Greenleaf to support additional clients seeking to capitalize on opportunities related to innovative and profitable solar solutions.