Greenleaf Partner Resources

The following listed information is to inform our partners and collaborators on research on gypsum and other farming practices to reduce nutrient loading. Greenleaf will continue to update this page with relevant information as it becomes available.

Gypsum Research:

Gypsum as a soil amendment to enhance water quality by reducing soluble phosphorus concentrations: Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (PDF)

Amending Soils with Gypsum, American Society of Agronomy: Crops & Soils Magazine Feature (PDF)

Gypsum: The State of the Science, Greenleaf Advisors: Gypsum Literature Final 2 24 15 (PDF)

Gypsum as an Agricultural Amendment, General Use Guidelines, The Ohio State University, Liming Chen and Warren Dick: OSU Bulletin (PDF)

GYPSOIL Research Library: Gypsum Research Reports and Technical Information

Put GYPSOIL to work in your conservation program: GYPSOIL conservation

New Research Identifies Tool to Mitigate Phosphorus, Greenleaf Advisors: Gypsum Ohio Results Handout (PDF)

Using Gypsum to Reduce Phosphorus Exports from Agricultural Soils in the Maumee River Basin to Lake Erie, Greenleaf Advisors: Ohio Research Poster (PDF)

This poster was presented at the May 2015 Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters Meeting in Columbus, OH in conjunction with the Hypoxia Task Force and SERA-46 meeting.

Other Agricultural Research:

Corn Farmer Reduces Water Nitrate by 29%, Corn & Soybean Digest: Article

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Iowa State University: Website

Using Cover Crops to Convert to No-Till, The Ohio State University: Fact Sheet (PDF)