John A. Andersen, Jr.


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John Andersen is founder and President of Greenleaf Advisors, LLC, where he advises businesses, institutions, and communities on strategies that advance their sustainable development. John’s thirty-plus years of experience, serving businesses, capital clients, nonprofits, governments and institutions, demonstrates that it takes effective engagement across these sectors to achieve sustainable growth and solve complex problems.

His current clients include regional governmental entities seeking to protect water resources, renewable-energy companies, private-equity investment firms, nonprofits, energy research institutions, and industrial-materials recycling and waste-energy recovery companies.

Previously, John was an International and Managing Director at Jones Lang LaSalle, where he managed the company’s national land business and its strategic expansion into China. He was also the Great Lakes Director of The Nature Conservancy, where he worked across the region’s scientific, business, and government sectors to advance biodiversity conservation. John is a faculty member at DePaul University, where he teaches Sustainable Value Creation in the Kellstadt Business School.

Additionally, John is President of Greenleaf Communities, a nonprofit research entity that recruits and organizes multi-disciplinary teams of scientists to investigate environmental influences on health and apply that knowledge to improve industrial practices and public policies. John holds an AB in Economics from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Katie DeMuro


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Katie conducts research on client assignments as well as client outreach and communication efforts. She supports the company’s communication and administrative needs. To advance sustainable water solutions, Katie works with Opti to bring innovation to stormwater management in Illinois. In addition, Katie works with Intelligent Generation to assist in their development and analyze potential renewable energy projects. Her agricultural research focuses, in part, on the soil and water benefits derived from the use of gypsum as an agricultural amendment. Katie has conducted scientific literature reviews for clients, such as GYPSOIL and EPRI. Katie coordinates outreach and organization for the Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters symposia series including speaker engagement and sponsorship outreach.

Katie graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a BS in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and a minor in Business. Katie recently graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with an MS in Environmental Management and Sustainability.

Colby Richardson


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Colby helps organize the Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters and Healthy Foods initiative, which connects policy makers, commercial companies, healthcare providers, researchers, and agricultural practitioners to promote best practices and policies. He also provides coordination for conferences that address issues such as nutritional content, pesticide use, toxicity uptake, and soil conservation.

Colby recently graduated from Union College with a BA in Environmental Policy.

Service Partners

Britt Burton-Freeman, PhD

Illinois Institute of Technology
Institute for Food Safety and Health
Director, Center for Nutrition Research

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Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman is the Director at the Center for Nutrition Research at the Institute for Food Safety and Health, Illinois Institute of Technology. She helps work and inform Greenleaf Advisors on human health issues.

Dr. Freeman’s current research interests are in mitigating [the] disease process through dietary approaches focused on the health promoting properties of whole foods.

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Ron Chamberlain

Chief Agronomist, Retired

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Ron Chamberlain is Chief Agronomist for GYPSOIL and Director of Gypsum Programs for GYPSOIL’s parent company, Beneficial Reuse Management. Ron is a leader in the application of gypsum as a soil amendment and is advancing sustainable agricultural land management practices across the country to improve soil health for enhance crop productivity as well as area water quality. He informs utilities, farmers, and community leaders on the use of gypsum.

Greenleaf Advisors works with Ron and GYPSOIL to protect and advance the beneficial reuse of coal combustion by-products. Ron has seen the benefit gypsum addition brings to his client’s farms through the improvement of soil structure, improved drainage and improved soil biology.

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Janet Hock, PhD

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Center for Urban Health Investigator

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Janet Hock brings an interesting mix of career experiences and scientific executive expertise to Greenleaf Communities. From 2007-2013, while leading the Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health, she created a translational research program investigating environmental risks for cancer, integrating biobanking, genomics and geospatial information sciences. She is currently a Professor at The Polis Center at Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, and at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA.

Access Janet’s scientific publications here.

Ali Fatemi, PhD

Editor-in-Chief, Global Finance Journal
Emeritus Chairman and Professor of Finance
DePaul University

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Dr. Ali Fatemi is Editor-in-Chief for Global Finance Journal and is the Emeritus Chairman and Professor of the Finance Department at DePaul University, Driehaus College of Business. Dr. Fatemi taught sustainable value creation and is a leader in DePaul’s advancement of sustainability. His research deals with issues related to socially responsible investing, mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, dividend policy and corporate governance.

Pierre Jacinthe

IUPUI, Department of Earth Sciences
Associate Professor

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Dr. Pierre-Andre Jacinthe is an Associate Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry in the Department of Earth Sciences at IUPUI. Dr. Jacinthe works with Greenleaf Communities on our IPL project.

His research focuses on nutrient cycling, water quality and the exchange of greenhouse gases (GHG) between land surface and the atmosphere.

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Jay Marhoefer

Intelligent Generation
CEO & Founder

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Jay Marhoefer is the inventor of Intelligent Generation and has 30 years of relevant business experience as an electric utility consultant, practice leader, software developer, IT executive, mathematician and attorney.  Jay has served as the CEO of IG since co-founding the company in 2009. Jay was valedictorian of his law school, practiced intellectual property litigation and corporate law at Latham & Watkins, and authored Re-energizing America. He has led the implementation of major systems at large utilities like Baltimore Gas & Electric and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Pete Mulvaney

Group Leader

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Pete continues to work in partnership with Greenleaf on intelligent infrastructure projects. While at Greenleaf, he contributed to Greenleaf’s projects ranging from sustainable water resource solutions (including the Chicago Area Waterways System Project) to wind and solar energy.

As a consulting engineer, Pete led multidisciplinary teams to gather and analyze data. As a utility manager, he led strategic planning and innovation. As a management and urban design consultant, he led smart cities initiatives and developed resilience and climate changes plans for municipalities and private corporations. In each role, success was predicated on understanding and improving the current practice, executed with workshops, clear communications, analysis, and collaboration.

Pete initiated the global water initiative within SOM, the Climate Action Plan for the City of Chicago, and the Water Risk strategies at West Monroe Partners.

Darrell Norton, PhD

USDA National Soil Erosion Research Lab
Research Soil Scientist, Retired

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Dr. Darrell Norton recently retired as a Research Soil Scientist for the USDA-ARS National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory (NSERL) located on the campus of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana where he also is a Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Agronomy and Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Darrell consults with Greenleaf Advisors on the GYPSOIL project and other soil matters.

Tom O'Brien

GreenCity Power
Managing Partner

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Tom O’Brien is Managing Partner at GreenCity Power. Tom was President of Integrated Process Solutions (IPS) for 18 years. IPS is a global consulting business specializing in both supply & demand-side energy optimization for industrials.

Tom was Co-Founder and Sr. Vice President (SVP) of Business Development at Recycled Energy Development (RED).

Tom has his BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Dan Peerless

Dairy Management, Inc
Manager, Sustainability Communications

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Dan was formerly the Communications and Development Manager for Greenleaf Advisors and Greenleaf Communities.

Much of his work with national environmental groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council and The Nature Conservancy was centered around translating the important scientific and policy information they generated so that it was accessible to wide-ranging audiences.

Brian Richter

Sustainable Waters

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Brian Richter has been a global leader in water science and conservation for more than 30 years. He is the president of Sustainable Waters, a global water education organization, where he promotes sustainable water use and management with governments, corporations, universities, and local communities. He previously served as Chief Scientist for the Global Water Program of The Nature Conservancy, an international conservation organization.

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Read Brian’s blog.

Sabina Shaikh, PhD

University of Chicago, Faculty
Director, Program on Global Environment, Environmental & Urban Studies

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Dr. Sabina Shaikh is a part of the faculty at the University of Chicago in the Program on Global Environment, where she directs the Environment, Agriculture and Food group. She was previously a Senior Consultant at CardnoENTRIX focusing on the economic valuation and development of mechanisms for the provision of ecosystem services in both the private and public sectors.

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Paul Smolevitz

TM Capital Corp
Managing Director/Founding Principal

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Paul Smolevitz is a Managing Director and founding principal of TM Capital Corp., an independent investment banking firm based in New York, Boston, and Atlanta.

He has led TM Capital’s execution of many complex transactions, including strategic acquisitions, exclusive sales and divestitures, financings, restructurings and fairness opinions in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution and service businesses.

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Marc Thrum

Intelligent Generation
VP, Marketing & Business Development

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At Intelligent Generation, Marc is in charge of international partnerships, business development and distribution opportunities, links the product to its markets and prepares the brand for market expansion. After a ten year career in industrial sales and business development in the middle-east and south-east Asia, Marc spent the next ten with Whirlpool Corp. in North America and Europe. There he held various roles of brand, product and marketing management, and later director of corporate strategy and global customer quality.

Marc is an Electrical and Mechanical engineer from ESTP in Paris and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Aaron Walters

GreenCity Power
Managing Partner

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Aaron Walters is the managing partner of GreenCity Power (GCP), a clean energy company focused on building, owning, operating and investing their own capital for cogeneration & thermal efficiency projects at customer sites in hospitals, office buildings and hotels.

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Don Wuebbles, PhD

University of Illinois
Harry E. Preble Endowed Professor

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Donald J. Wuebbles is the Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Illinois where he has been since 1994. He is also a Presidential Fellow at the University of Illinois, with the aim of helping the university system develop new initiatives in urban sustainability. From 2015 to early 2017, Dr. Wuebbles was Assistant Director with the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the Executive Office of the President in Washington DC.