Bridging Enterprises
for a Healthy and Sustainable World

About Greenleaf Advisors

Greenleaf New DiamondGreenleaf Advisors® is a consulting and transaction-services firm that builds sustainable enterprises and communities by bridging them to the resources and strategies they need to develop in a healthy way. Greenleaf Advisors engages at the intersection of capital, business, science and policy to serve organizations that are addressing the sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources to become leading enterprises.

  • Corporations choose Greenleaf Advisors to build their enterprises sustainably.
  • Institutions choose Greenleaf Advisors to develop sustainable solutions for environmental, economic and social needs.


Land use and land protection matters in urban and rural environments, with economic values and environmental considerations of local and global importance.
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Our expertise in sustainable utilization and environmental protection of water resources in local, regional, national and international settings is helping to safeguard critical supplies.
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Greenleaf Advisors bridges clean, resilient, and renewable energy companies with innovative practices to the built environment for enhanced economics and reduced carbon emissions.
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Waste and Materials

Greenleaf works on the market reuse of industrial materials as well as commercialization of new technologies that process and recapture valuable resource elements from waste streams.
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